Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anders' Newborn pics are up

Jaidean has posted Anders' pictures. They will be up for 2 weeks.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shane loves Jesus

Shane is on a God and Jesus kick this week. I love that he has such a genuine interest in Jesus, and Brian and I both enjoy his questions and talking to him about God. Well Shane has also learned to manipulate us with it. We caught him out of bed late the other night, when Brian confronted him, Shane said, "Dad, can we talk about Jesus some more." What do we say to that? Also, Shane has been sleeping with all his "Jesus books" and says, "One more Jesus book please". It is just much harder to say no when they throw God in. Myann has figured out the manipulation as well, she loves to say her prayers every night and then asks, "One more time" with her hands so beautifully folded. After about 5 times we draw the line. Bottom line, Brian and I are quite proud, it is wonderful that the kids are already learning the importance and power of prayer.

Waiting on Uncle Shane

One of Shane's namesakes, Uncle Shane - Brian's brother, is on a plane to visit us right now. Shane is pretty excited. I am excited too because it means an extra set of hands, we won't be outnumbered anymore, YEA!!! Tomorrow, Brian's mom arrives, so the adults will outnumber the kids, even better.

Thursday, Brian went to work for the day, but I had Tina here, so I didn't have to do too much. I did a little more work, I know still trying to quit. Anders slept a 5 hour block Wednesday night, so I felt pretty rested on Thursday.

Kids trying on their winter clothes to see what still fits and what mommy needs to buy at the sale.

Friday morning, Brian stayed home with Shane and Myann and I went to the Just Between Friends Sale. Love that sale, bought the kids some winter gear for super cheap. Anders hosed me done AGAIN!!! This time I think it was his positioning in the sling because the diaper wasn't full. After a change, we went back to shopping. He was still fussing and I wasn't about to leave, so I tried the much heard about nursing in the sling. I have never done it, but heard you could nurse with the baby in the sling. Anders latched right on and the sling completely concealed everything, so no one could even tell I was doing it. Woohoo!!! This will give me some new found freedom, if I can nurse while chasing the kids around, AWESOME!

That evening, Sandra and James came over with dinner and dessert for us. Awesome timing, since Brian had just been complaining about not having food in the house, so it bought me another day before having to go to the grocery store. Shane and Myann enjoyed having a friend over to play with.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My BIG baby boy

Today was Anders' second metabolic screening, so he and I went on our first outing alone. While at the hospital, I popped into the Wellness Place to have him weighed. While waiting in the lobby, Anders pee'd on me. He has hosed me down more times in the past week than Shane and Myann ever did. I think it is because he has outgrown the newborn diapers, but I am determined to finish the pack. Anyway, he weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 14.5 oz. I can't believe he has already surpassed his birth weight and then some. The goal is that babies are at their birth weight by 2 weeks and at 9 days, he has done his job. I think he is going to be our big boy. I told Shane he better watch out because Anders may be bigger than him one day.

This picture is of Anders after his heel stick. He didn't shed a tear, but went to town on the paci. It is only the second time I have let him have it and he had a death grip on it.

As for my other boy, Shane is quite the storyteller these days. He goes on and on with these crazy stories, I love that he has a vivid imagination. Also, Brian and Shane had an hour long theology discussion tonight. Shane is very interested in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, so Brian tried to answer all his questions. Wow are we going to have our work cut out for us if he is already asking some deep questions.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny things I have to post

Myann is having quite an issue with Anders nursing, but not what you are thinking. Every time she sees him nurse she comes over and says "no bite" and literally tries to pry him off of me. She is protecting mommy. Then every time he wakes up, she goes and sits down and says "I hold him". Very sweet. And then she takes issue with all his baby movements. When he starts to grab at his eyes, she says "no eyes, no touch eyes." She is really amazing me by how NOT jealous she is acting. That may all change tomorrow when Grandma and Papa leave and her major source of attention disappear.

Shane is also enjoying Anders. And today he said that now that Anders is out of my tummy, could we put a baby girl in there. I told him that no babies would be in my tummy for a while if at all. He said ok and when Myann was no longer a baby and Anders was big like him, then it would be a good time to have another baby girl. Shane really wants a big family.

Anders' One Week Birthday!!!

My baby is one week old today. I can't believe it. I really can't believe that a whole week has flown by and just over a week ago I was enjoying a last relaxing dinner with my parents at Anthony's. Anders is continuing to do great, pretty much sleeping and eating 24/7. That is except for Saturday when it was picture day - more on that in a minute. I am doing well, but had a little realization moment Sunday morning when I woke up in a bit of pain. I had taken myself off the ibuprofen and realized I still needed it and that I probably did too much on Saturday.

This is Anders' one week photo. I took pictures of Shane and Myann every week with this same pooh bear. So in the future I plan to post pictures comparing the 3.

Saturday morning Jaidean came over for newborn photos. She did an awesome job and was so patient with our family. Brian and I are used to this process, we have done it with all three kids, but my parents were in for a treat. They had no idea that it took HOURS, 4 to be exact, and lots of towels and clean up. Anders surpassed even his siblings, by pooping 7 times and peeing on us about 3 times. Then there is the spit up and constant nursing to get him back to sleep. Myann and Shane were interested in photos for about 5 minutes and then they were over it, so I don't expect any great shots of the three together. And pretty positive we didn't get any family shots, but these are more about Anders anyway. Brian has been very tolerant of me over the years, as I am fanatical about newborn photos, this time goes so quickly and it is one of my favorite stages, so it is critical to me to capture the moment. I am confident Jaidean did that. She had some great ideas, so stay tuned. Her sneak peak with three pictures are up on her blog.

Saturday we hoped to get out in the afternoon, but naps ran long so we didn't make it. Anders was so wiped out from the photos, he slept the rest of the day. Myann had woken up sick that morning, she had thrown up all over her bed, so she just slept most of the day. Then Sunday the weather was horrible, so we didn't make it out either, and I was super disappointed because I know my mom would have loved apple picking at Greenbluff. Besides football season has started so the men were glued to the tv.

Myann regressing, she is obsessed with the baby swing.

Shane showing off for the camera

This morning was my slow integration into normal life. Apparently Myann's bug has spread to my mom, stepdad, and Brian. All three were sick during the night and still sluggish this morning. John and Brian are pretty much better and just had a mild case, but my mom is really bad. Of course she is the one who took care of Myann that morning she woke up sick. So I had some time alone with all 3 this morning. It involved some crying, but we did ok. I even managed to get in 2 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, and sanitize the doorknobs and light switches. I can see that I will survive with 3 kids, though I'm sure there will be tears, sometimes mine. Please pray that Shane, Anders, and I don't get this bug.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Anders' debut into public life

Our first night home, Wednesday, was a little rough sleep wise. Anders wanted to be held the whole night, so that translated into little sleep for us. Thursday, Anders seemed to hit his stride and become the sleepy newborn he is supposed to be. We had Tina here, so she helped even out the numbers and the kids got plenty of attention. My mom and Tina took Shane and Myann to the park, so Anders and I had a couple hours alone. He slept a lot of it and I unpacked and did some things around the house. Thursday night was wonderful. I put Anders down at 9:30pm and he didn't wake up until 1:30am. I nursed him and had him back down by 2:15 am. He didn't wake again 4:30 am, back asleep at 5am and then I woke him up at 8:00 am to get ready for his doctor appt. That, that to me is an awesome night. Though I am not ignorant enough to believe this is the way it will be here on out, I enjoy every good night I can get.

Anders' doctor appointment went well. Dr. was pleased with his physical aspects and I was siked that he is already back up to 8 lbs. 7.5 oz. He was about 8 lbs when we left the hospital Wednesday, so my milk is apparently doing its job. After the appointment, we ventured out to Chap's, my favorite breakfast place. We were surprised to see a few of my friends there, and it was great to see some familiar faces and show off Anders. Shane played the whole time and didn't eat, Myann ate so much that we thought she might burst. Anders slept.

This evening we went to the Valleyfest parade. It was pretty smalltown America, but Shane LOVED it. He was hesitant at first, but once he got the hang of running out to get the candy, he couldn't be stopped. He even hunted down one poor man until he gave him a light up toothbrush. Myann seemed to like the excitement, but never went after any candy. Anders slept, except when the trucks sounded their horns, then he nearly lept from my lap. I will post a video soon of Shane guarding his candy bag.

Tonight was Anders first sponge bath, at home. He hated every second of it. We had to do baths because tomorrow is picture day. We have Jaidean coming over to do his newborn photos. I am really hopeful we get one decent family shot, but the focus will be on Anders and maybe Shane and Myann being sweet with him.

Video of Shane protecting his candy bag. He did this all night every time he put in a new piece of candy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anders is home

We arrived home around 4:30; we wanted to wait until Shane & Myann got home from school. Both were extremely excited and attentive for about 10 minutes, then back to resuming normal activities. The dogs seemed more impressed, Katie kept whining and sniffing him forever, until we finally moved him to higher ground. Anders slept through the entire process of leaving the hospital, thru the excited chaos at home, and continues to snooze away in this zoo for a house as we speak.

Maybe going home

I have been cleared to go home today, so now we are waiting to see if Anders gets the go ahead. I am pretty siked since this will be my fastest recovery yet. I did pretty well with the last 2, but this time I have been feeling great and walking around since just hours after the c-section. Since my mom and John are here to help, it makes sense to be at home. If I was going home by myself to 2 kids and a baby, you better believe I would stay here until Friday, which is what my insurance allows.

Shane and Myann were up here again last night and again were soooo good with Anders. Both wanted to see and hold him again. They even started fighting over who got to sit with him. On the way home, Brian said Shane said that he missed his brother and his brother missed him. This morning, apparently Shane asked where I was and Brian told him I was at the hospital. My wonderful sweet boy said that mommy should not be at the hospital by herself. Brian explained that I was not alone and was with Anders and the nurses. That seemed to make him feel better. What a sweetie worrying about his mommy.

As for Anders and I, we had a great night and I got several blocks of 2 hours sleep. I feel quite refreshed. He did great at nursing and then being put down to sleep. Hallelujah! That first night made me nervous that he was going to be my more challenging baby wanting to be held 24/7. On a side note, the hospital I delivered in is Sacred Heart Medical Center, a Catholic Hospital. One really neat thing has been the morning and evening prayers over the loudspeaker. It is quite soothing to hear overhead prayers, just kind of gets your day off to a good start and ends on a great note as well.

Playing with the camera in the hospital room.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mommy and Anders update

Well it is just after midnight and we both are continuing to do great. I have already been up and moving around a couple of times now, moving feels sooooo much better. Anders is a nursing champ, so much so that he is taking after his big brother in wanting to permanently attach himself to me. We are working on getting him to sleep without being attached to me, so far he prefers to sleep with his human pacifier.

I really want some sleep as I didn't sleep the night before because I am pretty sure I went into early labor last night. I woke at 1am to a contraction and they continued to come every 8 minutes up until the c-section. So it seems baby was coming with or without the scheduled early c-section.

And from the other pictures in the previous post, you can see that big brother and sister made their visit. It went quite well, Myann was even a very sweet and concerned sister when Anders cried. Shane was all ready to play with him.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Anders Clayton Johansen

Anders was born at 11:23 AM. He is much bigger than our other two weighing in at 8lbs and 11oz and 20 inches in length. He is very healthy and nursing great already. Kari is doing great also and even feeling better than after the other two. We will post more and add pictures later today if all goes as planned.

Pictures taken the morning of c-section:
Shane kissing belly for the last time

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My mom is here

So this weekend we have been trying to get everything done before baby. Sorting, washing, organizing, and there is still so much to do. But it has been wonderful having my mom and John here to help with the kids, so I can focus on nesting. Saturday we did our normal routine of My Gym, Shane's baseball, then naps. I went to my neighbor, Jenny's, baby shower and then we had an adult dinner out at Anthony's.

I had been really reluctant to have the c-section tomorrow, I am a firm believer in letting babies come when they are ready and I feel like this baby is being cheated, in that we are taking him out before he is ready. However, I woke during the night with bad cramping, then all day today I have been have cramping, Braxton Hicks, and talk about waddling - I am doing the full on penguin walk. So something is going on down there naturally, which makes me feel much better that baby is about ready to come out. At one point today, I actually got nervous that I may go in to labor during the night. So I am more comfortable with tomorrow, though I still feel the most unprepared compared to the previous two deliveries.

Tonight we went to Coryn and Alyssa's birthday party at the Carousel in Riverfront Park. Kids had fun. Shane did his typical super sweet thing that I haven't really mentioned in the blog before. As we were leaving he picked a flower from the park flower pot and gave it to me. Shane never passes a flower without picking one for me. It is the sweetest and absolutely one of my favorite things about him. Now, that means I have to watch him closely, so that he doesn't pick neighbor's prized flowers or off limit public gardens, but it is so sweet he always thinks of me. I don't know what started it, but he has been doing this for nearly 2 years.

Shane and Mommy playing with the party favors

Myann with Papa

Shane is quite excited about tomorrow. Tonight he told me that tomorrow his baby brother was going to crack out of me as he kicked his way out. And when we asked him what we should name his baby brother, his response was Superman. Gotta love that.

As for Myann, she is who I am most worried about tomorrow, with the arrival of baby boy. She is still such my baby. I have faith that she will warm up over time, but I expect to have a rough couple of months. I love her so much and don't want to see any hurt on her face when seeing a new baby in my arms. But I can't wait for her to get the opportunity to be the big sister.

Friday, September 12, 2008

2nd school day, Fair, and Park

Wednesday was Myann's 2nd time at school and she again cried when I left. It totally broke my heart, especially since she did the silent cry at first and then the vocal part came out. However, when I came back later that day, she was playing nicely, and according to her teachers, had a good day.

Thursday was my day to run around and get errands done. I even found time to spoil myself and have a prebaby pedicure (couldn't reach my feet if I wanted to, so this was a necessity) and massage (so relaxing). Then we ventured back to the Fair in the evening. Despite the fact that there was no consistency in what rides the kids could and could not do, we had a great time. The kids couldn't do the Ferris Wheel, but they could do a roller coaster, not sure of the reasoning behind that. Myann was able to do a few rides, and Shane did almost all of the rides. The few he couldn't made us so sad, because he was so disappointed and he just didn't get why he couldn't do a ride. Shane has no fear, so to him he felt he should do every ride he wanted. Tina was with us and braved so many of the rides that we couldn't or didn't want to do.

Today was haircut day again. Myann was hesitant at first, but they gave her the sucker upfront, and she was good to go the rest of the time. Shane was his normal wonderful self during haircuts, not a complaint.

Late afternoon we went to Millwood Park to meet the mommy group friends. Shane and Myann enjoyed Jordan's birthday cupcakes, and then they enjoyed the disgusting water fountain. They soaked themselves in the water and even drank a few swigs mixed with rocks. Let's pray they don't wake up super sick tomorrow. We promptly came home and took baths, I had to do what I could to wash some of the filth off.

It is 11:40 pm and I am off to pick my mom and John from the airport. They are here to help prep for the baby. Let's hope my mom's arrival doesn't repeat itself for a third time. For the previous 2 deliveries, I had babies less than 24 hours from when my mom arrived.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick blog by dad

Just a quick note before I forget this one. Last night I gave Shane and Myann an apple after dinner. A few minutes later I hear a clunk, clunk, clunk on the stairs. Then I hear it again and finally a third time and the kids are laughing louder and louder. Realizing what it was I yelled, "Shane, quit throwing your apple down the stairs!" He said, "I'm not daddy, I'm not. I'm throwing the apple UP the stairs." We are in big trouble with this guy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last Dr. appt

Today was my last prenatal checkup. All was uneventful as usual. It took my eventful pregnancy with Myann to make me really appreciate the uneventful. Blood pressure low as always, weight gain minimal, I hit my 50 lb mark and body is happy, so I haven't gained any more weight. Baby sounded good. So we are on for Monday, I did ask if I could keep him in another month since I felt so good, but Dr. Smetana just laughed. I don't think she realized I'm rather serious. I feel so good, don't get me wrong, I ache after being on my feet too long and I get tired easily, but I really feel pretty good considering. Myann was her usual charming self at the dr. appt, saying hi and goodbye to every member of office staff and every patient in the lobby. Little does the world know what a little meany lurks below sometimes. The rotten side emerged after the appt as I attempted to shop around Walmart. She wanted no part of Walmart today, and the only way I bought myself a little time was by letting her push the cart around, boy did that add time to the trip. She literally almost jumped out of the cart when we passed the fish aisle. I forgot about her love of the fish and she started screaching as I looked for weed killer. She pulled herself out of the cart, so I let her down and she RAN for the fish tanks. So we looked at fish and resumed shopping.

Yesterday was Spokane Interstate Fair Day with my mommy group. Thankfully we got there early before the crowds and were also joined by my friend Pam and her twin girls. We mostly looked at the animals, and I did my best to keep up with Shane and Myann, thnakfully I had help from the other moms. Then I got my infamous King corndog, love those things. We had hoped to do rides, but we were all too worn out. Myann fell asleep on the way home and Shane and I rested once home. We'll have to make another trip to the fair with daddy so the kids can actually do the rides. Scare of the day, Shane was almost impaled by a longhorn, ironic since we are from Texas. Shane got a bit too close to a longhorn trying to eat from a bucket so he was shaking his horns all around. An older man grabbed Shane and pulled him away just in time. For all my Aggies, if that longhorn had hurt my baby, I would have given new meaning to our fight song of sawing Varsity's horns off.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Majors here we come

Today was the beginning of Brian's dreams for Shane, Shane started Lil' Sluggers today. He had been in soccer, but when I asked him what he wanted to take this time, he chose baseball. Brian was so proud of that choice. He actually did pretty good for his first day. This class really teaches baseball skills, so I was pretty impressed. They ran bases, practiced catching fielded balls, and did batting practice. So I guess I will have to learn baseball terminology.

After baseball, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor Mitchell. Shane played for hours with all the "big" kids. I visited with several moms who have 3 and 4 children. It really brought the reality of what our lives are about to become center stage. I can't believe I am going to be a mom of 3, and that I have been pregnant or nursing for over 4 straight years. I am not complaining, I am excited and pretty confident that I will manage. I think I get the confidence from my Grandma who had 5 kids one after another in the 50's, she didn't speak the language well, and my Grandpa was deployed a lot of that time. I think if she could do it without all the modern conveniences and without the support of a mommy group, then I am set. Though stay tuned for the days where I am crying over how tough I think my life is. I know they will come. The baby countdown has begun...9 days till he arrives.

Myann's Wonder Woman costume arrived today, so we had to try it on. The boot covers were a tad big, but otherwise it fit pretty good. Also, the headband was missing, so we will be calling the company to have that sent Monday, but she looked pretty darn cute. She seemed to like it too because she refused to take it off. Hence her rolling around on the floor in it with the puppies.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy always

So I've had complaints about not blogging this week. Sorry, I usually do so well, but this week just flew by, as I suspect next week will too. It was a big week too. Monday we spent Labor Day out at Silverwood, the Pacific NW's version of Six Flags for those of you in the South, but half the size. Silverwood also has a water park, which is where we spend a good chunk of the time despite the cold temperatures and hail. Yes, we went to a water park when the temps were in the 60s. Heck that was warm for these days.

Tuesday, Shane started back to school, and was all too happy to go. Two weeks at home everyday with mom and sister is not his idea of fun, he wanted his friends and the big playground. Myann and I went to my doctor appt. All is well with me and baby. I am measuring very small now, but it is only because my belly has completely dropped, I am by no means small. The bikini at Silverwood could testify to that. I wasn't ACTUALLY wearing a bikini, but my maternity swimsuit covers so little of the belly that it might as well have been a regular bikini. I will spare you the pictures, I am pretty sure I didn't allow any. And at the doctor appt, all previously pregnant women know about your peeing in a cup at EVERY appt, well Myann knows that too. The entire time I was trying to go, she kept thrusting a cup at me, trying to get me to pee in her cup. It is hard enough at 38 weeks having the coordination to pee in my own cup, let alone fending off a toddler trying to get her cup in there as well. Ahh the memories.

Here is how I keep Myann entertained during my appointments. Her and Shane love breadsticks and crackers, but Myann normally just redips the stick and sucks off the cheese. Or in these pictures, she has forgone the sticks all together and is just cooping the cheese out with her finger.

Wednesday was a big day for all of us, Myann started her first day of school. She is going to go one day a week, so she gets some structure time and I get some one on one time with Baby boy. She was great at first, ran right onto the playground and started playing. Well I chatted with her teacher for a minute and then left and as we walked away, she started crying. It broke my heart, but I knew to not look back and she'd be fine. I picked her up later that afternoon, and she was quite content and irritated that I was taking her away as the other kids were having snack. I will know to pick her up after snack time for now on.

Sadly, the best picture I could get with the kids. They were too excited to run into the school.

Myann checking out the playground with her class

My other attempt to get a picture at school. Myann wanted no part in pictures this day.

Wednesday night, Mommy and Daddy had a great night out at PF Chang's with our neighbors, the Torres and Servines. We are making the most of our nights out before baby arrives. We had a great time and continued the evening at the Torres. The men had their evening highlighted when they caught some high school kids trying to break into the neighborhood gate to go to the top of the hill for watching the view and stars. Seems innocent enough, but these kids are costing our neighborhood thousands of dollars every year with gate repairs and some of them are doing pretty bad vandalism at the top of the hill to some very nice homes. Since we are the first house inside the gate, Brian has taken it upon himself to solve the problem, but for that night, he was too excited to just tell the kids to get out of here and that the gate is there for a reason, to keep their cars out. Next he will be pursuing night vision goggles and a paintball gun and camping out by the gate waiting for the trespassers - nice to see his Texas roots are still planted.

Thursday, was a mommy nesting day. Tina was here, so I filed 6 months worth of papers, purged our files, cleaned out more work boxes and just organized what I could. Then I went into the office for more work stuff, ran errands and hurried home for another dinner out, this time with the Frenches. We wanted to thank them for the countless lake house invites this summer. We went to the Wine Cellar in CDA. Great food, good times, and lots of wine, not so much for me, but I had a glass and baby and I slept quite well last night.

Now it is Friday, and the kids must have known it, because Shane woke up bouncing off the walls. We hurried out to a playdate with my mom's group at the Northtown Mall drop and play. It was actually quite enjoyable because both kids played while I chatted with friends. Then we grabbed a bite to eat in the food court with Sandra, James, and Breanne. Once my kids started to act up and show signs of desperately needing a nap, we hightailed it out of there. Myann went right to sleep, Shane won't nap, but he is playing quietly, so I'll take it. I have to start setting things up, I am hosting Mom's Game Night tonight, so I need to get the basement set up. I love these nights and wanted to fit one more in before the baby arrives.

Update: I realized I failed to tell my embarrassing moment of the day. On the way in the mall, in the parking lot, I had my hands on the stroller and Shane was walking along beside me. Well he decided to hold onto my pants, well he grabbed the back pocket of my jeans really hard and down came my pants. Not just a little bit, we're talking full butt exposure. It was only made worse my another woman in the parking lot, grown woman mind you, who then laughs and says, "Ha, Ha, I saw your butt." So if I had any doubt no one saw me, that woman alleviated that. And of course, Shane thought he was too funny and spent the rest of the time in the store trying to pull my pants down again. Gotta love kids.

Myann, the messiest eater we have ever known. This is her with yogurt...

This is why she got so messy...