Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you for understanding people

Today was a normal day, take all 3 kids to the gym and get home in time for lunch and then back to school for Shane. Sounds easy enough, right? I thought so until I got a call from the gym asking if by chance we came home with the wrong shoes. I thought, no we're good and then they asked that I check. Sure enough, Anders had one of his boots and another boot that was double the size. Somehow I managed to put Anders in a shoe twice his foot size and not even notice. I was quite embarrassed and said I would be there in 20 minutes to swap out the boot. Once I thought back I wondered why Anders was walking funny, that boy has skills that he walked a fair distance in a gigantic boot through the snow. Thankfully the mother of the child was quite kind when I returned the boot. She smiled and said, no worries, I have been there too, why would a mother of 3 notice something as insignificant as a boot. Thank you God for gracious people who do not make us feel like morons.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prelude to Thanksgiving

15 family members and friends flew to Spokane this week to celebrate Thanksgiving in Spokane with us. Uncle Shane had already been in town and stayed for the crowd.
Second, was my Dad and Pam, who were here for a full week before Thanksgiving.
Then arrive Pam's sisters, Aunt Sandy and Cheryl, and Pam's mother Donna.
Next came Brian and Weida, my sister-in-laws, Danielle's parents.
Then, Winn, my brother's close friend.
Then, my Mom and John.
Last, Alex and Danielle with Lexi and Austin.

In the midst of all their flight arrivals was the snowiest November in history. It was nuts, gorgeous to look at, but terrible to drive in.

For pre-Thanksgiving festivities and to celebrate mine and Brian's 8th year anniversary - we went to the shooting range. Nothing spells romance like shooting a Magnum together.

Friday, November 12, 2010

November Ongoings

Myann went with Daddy to Texas on an "alone trip". Since Shane had his "alone trip", we felt it only fair that she get one and the timing worked out perfect. Brian had a work trip to Houston, so he took Myann to have a week alone with her grandparents and aunts and uncles. To say she was spoiled was an understatement.
Here is a picture before they left for the airport.

And what do the boys do with their sister with her hair stuff.

Anders then busted his face in the gym parking lot. He ended up busting his lip and getting a black eye. However, he barely cried. I did not realize the damage he had done until the next day.

Just before Myann got home, Uncle Shane came to town to see Shane's graduation from Jedi Training Camp. Shane loved the camp and is already asking when he can go again.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Progress Made

Every single day and usually multiple times per day I read or rather Anders discusses his Bible stories book. He likes to point out the animals, call the wise men santas and say "Ho, Ho HO." Every brown bearded man is Jesus. He can identify every single animal and we are talking, foxes, camels, zebras, and every other animal. Ok, so he thinks donkeys are horses, but I give him credit though I do correct him that it is a donkey. However, he ALWAYS, as in 100 or more times has called the ostrich a monster. No clue why, but from day one of going through the animals he has called the ostrich a monster. I have corrected him 100 times and he would still say monster. Well today at nap, he actually pointed to it and said ostrich. I was blown away and super excited. You would have thought he pooped in the potty the way I cheered and hugged and told him how smart he was. He just giggled and must have thought, this woman is crazy. We will see what he calls it tonight.

Also, side note. Anders is a daredevil thanks to the influence of his older siblings. He will jump from anything even when he should not however. However, I think to make me still feel loved and needed whenever he goes to step out of the car he always says, "Mommy, hand." It warms my heart.

Other funnies, today Anders discovered our talking Elmo. It is Shane's and still says "Hi Shane" and "Shane's loves applesauce", among several other phrases of which Shane corrected him that he did not like applesauce that much anymore. Point is, the toy is old and has been in our lives for years, though Brian has tried to throw it in the trash numerous times. Anyway, Anders has fallen in love with it. Today Elmo had to change his diaper, not mom. Not an easy task to use Elmo's limbs to change Anders' diaper. Elmo had to get his shoes on and Elmo had to go to the gym with us. Curious to see if this lasts more than a day, let's hope not.