Monday, July 30, 2012

Laila is 1!

My beautiful baby girl is 1!  How did this year go by so quickly.  Knowing she was my last baby I have tried to savor this year and enjoy every moment. We have also NOT encouraged her to develop. I know, horrible to say, but Brian's joke every time she tried to pull up was to tell me to knock her down. Neither of us are ready for her to be a toddler.  We want our baby to stay a baby as long as possible; however, she is the youngest of 4, so she is ready to do what the big kids do.  She pretty much skipped baby food. She loved baby cereal, but never took more than a bite of baby food every time I offered it. She went straight to eating what we ate for dinner, just chopped up small.  Broccoli was one of her firsts and remains her favorite. She loves all proteins and most veggies, particularly carrots, green beans, peas, and broccoli.  Not sure how it happened, but she dislikes most fruits. She likes bananas, and firmer fruits like apples and melon.  Hopefully that will change because we are a berry family.

Despite our efforts to keep her a baby, she began pulling up at 10 months.  While we were in Texas, she mastered pulling up and has even begun taking steps while holding on.  She was signing "more" and "all done" at 10 months and now she does "hat", "please", "drink", and "eat".  Sometimes when she really wants something and is trying to convey her need, she will run through all her signs. Ice cream brings on this response, she's my girl in that respect. So far her only consistent words are mama and dada.  She has been overheard saying Gampa and up, but I can not get her to say it on command.  Tonight she threw down food and said "uh oh".

Laila is a sweet baby and still loves to give love. She goes in for kisses and hugs and just snuggles into your body in general.  I am savoring these moments most, because I know it will not last long. We are still nursing, but that too seems to be coming to an end.   I do not think we will make it to Anders record of nursing until he was 20 months. Laila is too interested in what is going on to nurse in a room of people.  She has those huge eyes just taking everything in.  Not a day passes without someone commenting on her huge eyes and how they are wide open and checking out the world.  She is spoiled and wants to be held or within a few feet of me at all times, but still has a sweet disposition.  She loves her brothers and sister and is quick to give them love and attention when they are around. 

We learned on the Texas trip that she is not a car sleeper, but is content to sit in the car for most of the time. She goes easily to other people and really bonded with her grandmas this trip.

A few days ago we gave her a cupcake when my mom was in town.  She loved us singing happy birthday to her, but was less impressed with the cupcake.

So on her birthday, we took her for frozen yogurt after dinner.  I think you can tell she liked it better.

Forget the spoon, I'll just drink it.

Oops, did I get some on my face?