Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Funny things a 2 year old says

Laila has so many things she says right now that are funny to us, partly because she is so confident in what she is saying.
Every time she says goodbye, "See you later Crocodile."  Most people pause and go huh.  I have to tell them she is messing up the saying and I correct her that it is see you later alligator.  But secretly, I do not want her to say it right, I love it wrong.

Laila and Anders are obsessed with hand sanitizer and Laila calls it "Hanitizer."  She runs around asking for her hanitizer.  Love it.  Brian said her word makes more sense anyways.

Laila's sweetness shines through too with her affectionate term for us in the family, as "my girl and my boy."  She will give me a hug and say, "Mommy, you're my girl" or "Anders is my boy".  I guess she learned it from me snuggling her telling her that she is "mommy's girl." But I love that she made it her own.  Now the other kids jump through hoops to get her to call them "her boy" or "her girl".  And always asking, "Laila, am I your boy."  However, the queen giveth and taketh.  If you cross her, she will quickly say, "You are not my boy."

On other news, she has been potty training.  We have warned the other kids the she will likely be our youngest potty trained kid.  They are all helping with the process.  She started pooping on the potty about 2 weeks ago and has been peeing on the potty since the end of December.  She wears undies only to school and has been doing that since the beginning of March.