Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Laila rolled

I have been so negligent in posting about my super wonderful sweet girl.  She really is a joy, but sadly 4 kids do not leave me with a lot of time.

She is a jabbering girl right now who loves to hear her own squeals.  When I snuggle her, she makes the sound "Ahhh".  So sweet.

She rolled from her belly to her back for the first time.  She was so proud of herself and just smiled.

Also, did I mention we teach the kids chess at a young age around here? Rather, Shane does the teaching.  I am still learning, but Shane is giving Bobby Fisher a run for his money.

Shane and Myann's well checks

Shane 6 1/2 year well check

Weight: 55 lbs. (75%)
Height: 48 inches (70%)
BMI 16.8 (75%)

Climbing the wall at a birthday party - he was super fast.

Myann's 5 year well check
Weight: 42 lbs. (75%)
Height: 43 inches (75%)
BMI: 16 (75%)

Myann was always so small, that it amazes me that she is above average on height and weight now.

Loving on Maddox

Using her Easy Bake oven with her friend.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meeting Santa 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Myann is 5!

My first baby girl is 5 today.  She has been looking forward to 5 since she turned 4.  And today all she has talked about is when she will be 6.  She is in a race to catch up to Shane.  Shane is in no hurry to age and Myann just wants so badly to be the same as Shane in everything.

For her party theme, she wanted Pacman Party.  Sadly, I could find no such theme for plates, napkins etc., and despite her request that I create it all myself, we went through the catalog and she settled on pirates.  So I bought all things pirate.  Then when I asked her what she wanted on her pirate cake, she said she did not want a pirate cake.  She wanted Spiderman. After futile attempts to change her mind, I ordered a Spiderman and Batman cake.  So it was a pirate/superhero party.  So typical of Myann.  Her Popi and Grammy got her a penguin shirt with one penguin separate than the group of penguins.  That's my girl, she goes her own way and does her own thing, except when it comes to Shane - again she wants everything exactly as Shane has it.

We have really been working with Myann to get her to make decisions based on what she likes and not what she thinks Shane will like.  It gives her some pause, but she still often defers to Shane's interests.  Now fashion is all her own. She went through her mismatched sock stage.  Now she is into crazy winter hats.  She likes to layer her clothing, and I mean 3 to 4 layers.  As if I do not have enough laundry to do. She refuses to wear dresses except for very special occasions and we usually have to bribe her.

Myann as she turns 5 has changed so much in this past year.  She looks different, she has grown a lot, and her disposition has changed for the better.  She is not as quick to tantrum like she once was and she is learning a little more self control.  She still likes to antagonize her brothers, but she is learning consequences.  She was about to say something negative about her daddy as he was doing something for her, but not to her satisfaction.  She started by saying to me, "Why is daddy so [long pause].... helpful?"   She smiled midpause as if she got that saying something negative was only going to make her situation worse.  Brian and I had a good laugh as we both knew what she originally meant to say. 

Myann has loved soccer this year and is eager to try basketball, as soon as I am ready to tackle more activities.  She favors her left side in sports, but is writing right handed.  She is proving to be quite athletic and coordinated in sports, even though she is the only person I know to get a black eye by hopping off the toilet so fast that she hit the bathroom counter corner.  If there is a way to injure yourself in a padded room, Myann will figure it out.   That said, she has a mean throw and can dribble a basketball impressively.  She is doing great with her writing and still loves her art.  She is the best big sister and loves Laila.   As much as Myann does not like baby dolls, she loves holding Laila and helping me with her whenever she can.  Myann is still very lovable and does not pass up a time to snuggle.  She still "picks her people".  No matter where we go, at every occasion or event, Myann finds the person that she will cling to for the evening.  It used to be only men, but now she chooses women on occasion too.  On our Thanksgiving trip, it was Uncle Shane and his girl friend Paige.  Poor Paige did not know what she was in store for that week.

Myann still says things beyond her years.  She says she does not want babies because "She does not want to push one out of her tenders or be cut open."  She said she will keep her baby making parts though, because they do other things.  This came from our conversation when she said she did not want baby making parts and wanted them taken out like all her grandmothers.  I explained to her that they had them taken out for different reasons and she still needed her baby making parts for a long time.  She agreed, but insists no babies.  I really hope she changes her mind.

My sweet girl, it has been a bumpy road at times, but you are still our amazing little girl who keeps us on our toes.  You are so lovable, smart, and witty.  You knew how to make the world revolve around you before you were born, when you demanded 4 weeks of my undivided attention in the hospital.  You still insist on your own time with Daddy and I.  We love you and look forward to this next year.