Friday, December 17, 2010


27 people in our house for Thanksgiving was an adventure.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shane and Myann Stats

Shane's stats:
Weight: 49 lbs (80%)
Height: 44 7/8 inches (75%)
BMI: 17 1/2  (90%)

Shane has usually been about the same height and weight, so this was his first departure from that.

Myann's stats:
Weight: 36 lbs. (50%)
Height 40 inches (50%)
BMI 16 (75%)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Myann!!!

Dear Myann,

The other day I looked at you and paused. I do not know how you grew so fast. You are always telling me that you are not little and that you are growing, but I think I failed to realize just how much you have grown until that pause the other day. You stood there in track pants that barely touched your ankles, of course you refused to take them off because no one can tell you to do anything, but it was proof of how much you have grown in just the past 3 months. Physical growth is only one small part of your growth. You want to run the neighborhood with the boys and do everything that they do. I have no doubt you would be fine, but I think I will hold you close a little bit longer. You are still challenging, you are still stubborn, you are still complicated, but I am slowly learning to understand you and we are finding our way together. I love that you are so lovable, and even on the days when I do not have time for endless hugs and snuggles, I try to just enjoy them because you will not always be small enough to climb into my lap for snuggles. You are our budding artist, thank God, because none of the rest of us have a lick of artistic talent. You are smart, though you are determined to not let me find out; you are compassionate, but only when you are feeling love; you are shy, but only when you are putting on an act; you are all boy, except for when it comes to purple. We have no idea what to get you for your birthday because you only want what Shane has. You are not into babies or barbies or dress-up. You like sword fights and wrestling and throwing balls. You do love your movies and taking care of your stuffed animals. You have said you want to be an animal doctor and I think you have found your calling. We love you big girl and look forward to the adventure that life with you will bring.