Thursday, June 14, 2012

Laila's 10 1/2 Month Stats

Laila and I went to her well check today.  Hooray for no shots!  She did great and performed on cue.  When they asked if she waved, she did her good bye hand gesture (arm up with hand in a fist and wrist moving).  She clapped, which she learned a month ago after countless baseball games and clapping.  She began truly crawling last week. She has been doing an army crawl for about a month.  She started pulling herself up to her knees 2 weeks ago, but she has not managed to pull herself up to her feet yet. She started pointing on June 10th in the vet's office.  I was trying to entertain her while they worked on Katie. I took her around the office telling her what everything was and then she would point to something across the room.  Then when I finished talking, she would point to something else.  Her "pointing" is a whole hand out with extended arm.

Mid May she also started with the mamamama.  We thought it was just another sound she was practicing, like bababababa, which she has been doing for 2 months.  But then I started noticing that when she was upset and looking for me she would say mamamama.  She still only says it when she is wanting me and upset.  Never a happy mama, but I will take it.  Brian's dad claims Grandpa was her first word, that she called him while he was here.  But I am going to go against the whole house and say she said baba when he was trying to get her to say Grandpa. So she was definitely trying to say Grandpa and wanted to do what he wanted, but I do not count it. For the record, Brian and Shane agree with Grandpa that she said Grandpa first.  But mom's vote has more power, so I win.

Laila is still a little bean, but the doctor was happy that her growth curve is consistent.  On to today's stats:
Weight:  16 lbs 1 oz. (15%)
Height: 28 1/4 inches (60%)
Head circ: 18" (80%)
She needs a big head to hold those big eyes.

Bad pictures since my iphone does not take great pictures like the rest of the world.  But here are some on my girls and I having fun with a wig on May 25th. Laila wore it best.  I just look like I am having a really bad hair day.

Anders' Preschool Book

The school year is coming to an end. Shane finishes tomorrow and Myann and Anders had their last day today. Shane and Myann have been bringing home their portfolio's with their year's accomplishments.  Both have progressed so much during the year.  Anders' portfolio is a well done scrapbooked notebook, good job teachers, but the content shows the teachers' sense of humors.  This is Anders' cover photo. 
Sadly, this looks like a mugshot.

When I asked Anders why he took such a goofy picture, he said, "That's not me, that's a bad guy.  Who is that bad guy and where is my picture."  He was not kidding, he was really insulted that someone else's picture was on his book.  Then this picture was on the inside.

Now this picture does not come as a surprise.  After his class Valentine's Day party, his teacher was beyond tickled that she had immortalized Anders in this state.  She suggested we blow it up and put it on his wall when he goes to college to show he was a born party animal.  We already had a copy.  The humor is that this is in his school book.  He was "drunk" off sugar and passed out with his crown still on.  That's my boy! He plays hard and crashes hard.