Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Day and New Beds Day 2

On our way home from school today, Shane was telling me about his day and what he did and ate. He was excited that he has music class this year. Then he says, "Did you know I get to go to science class?" Me: "Yes, pretty cool." Shane: "This is a great time in my life. I get to learn science."  I filled with pride. Shane does have some of my DNA!

As for beds, Anders discovered tonight that he does not have to stay in bed. So I have been chasing him back to bed for an hour.  I knew it would happen, the honeymoon is over.  My sweet, wonderful, well-rested Anders is likely going to be replaced with a cranky sleep-deprived kid.  Why can't kids stay in cribs until high school when all they want to do is sleep?  Myann was my sweet girl until she moved out of the crib and did not get as much sleep.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Big Day in our household

Shane's 1st day of school - Shane is in the 1st/2nd combo class, so I am curious to see how he does with the older kids.  Drop off was insane, so Brian had to drop Shane and I off and stay in the car with the other 3 kids.  So no pictures at school.  I took this picture when we got home. 

Laila slept through the night!!!  7 1/2 hours and it was awesome.  I know it was a fluke, but I will take it.  Laila is not plumping up like I expected because she eats all the time, but she seems to be getting really long. 

Then, at 9 am, the furniture place called to say they were delivering Myann's bed at 1 pm.  So much for notice, but we were not complaining because we wanted the bed sooner than later.  So Brian and I frantically went into gear trying to get 3 bedrooms switched up. Emptying out the baby room to make room for Myann's enormous bed. Moving baby furniture into the playroom and moving Myann's stuff into her room.  Then changing out the bedding on the respective beds.  It was exhausting.  We were prepared for the worst, being kids miserable in their new sleeping arrangements and Anders getting out of bed.  By a miracle, they were all super excited, but then quickly fell asleep.  Hallelujah!!!  The irony of it all was that Shane loved Myann's bed and was pretty jealous because it is like a fort.  Anders insisted he was still sleeping in the crib in the playroom. (Have I ever mentioned that Anders has NEVER tried to climb out of the crib.)  He did not care that we moved his bed and insisted on sleeping in it until Shane convinced him to sleep with him.  Shane even found his old sports bedding to put on the bed for Anders and helped him to move all his "babies", stuffed animals, into his bed.  Finally Anders was convinced and readily climbed into the bottom bunk.  It even inspired him because he got up on his own and ran to the bathroom to pee.  Woohoo!!
Where's Waldo - Myann style

Eventually a bed will go here

Cubby for her animals

Brothers in their bunkbed

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Annual Labor Day Trip to Silverwood

Every year we have been going to Silverwood on Labor Day weekend.  Last year it was chilly and we all wore fleece coats.  This year it was one of the hottest days, where the water rides were actually appealing.  Since Grandpa Jo, Grandma Anne, and Jennifer and Logan were in town, we had a really large group. Lots of fun as always.

Anders on the planes

Connor, James, and Shane on the log ride - they loved it.

Todd rocks and took Anders on this and other rides since I was strapped to a baby most of the day.

Gpa Jo, Myann, Jennifer, and Logan

Bumper Boat war

Jennifer lost the war

Sandra got some baby time and I got a break so I could do a ride.

Logan and Myann

The kid gang

4 of the boys

Anders was messy and his future wife felt the need to clean him - she did this on her own.

Anders does not even seem to notice Bree cleaning him

He paused from eating to let her clean his mouth.  We were all laughing pretty hard at this cleaning episode.