Saturday, May 31, 2008

Neighborhood Party

Well it has been a low key weekend.  The highlight has been our neighborhood party.  This afternoon our neighbors, the Morimoto's, had a crawfish boil, kind of like being back in Houston, it was great.  We met many of our neighbors, most of whom we hadn't yet since our property is a bit spread out.  It was kid central, lots of kids and Shane and Myann had an awesome time.  I didn't see Shane the whole time and Myann was watched by the bigger kids.  Brian and I actually were freed up to socialize and get to know the neighbors.  As we had been told, most of our neighbors are doctors, so now we know who to go to for any given ailment, there is a doctor nearby who could handle it.  

On the kid front, Myann is talking more and more everyday and getting very good at following instructions, she can get out all her diaper changing stuff and put it back.  A very handy new trick.  Shane is still challenging us on the potty training, but we're optimistic.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Our aunts, Sandy and Cheryl, came in for the long weekend.  Saturday we went down to Riverfront Park to check out the crazy waterfalls.  The river and falls were at all time highs and pretty impressive sights.  Chalk it up to record snowfall this winter and then a bit of a heat wave which melted the snow quickly, and made for a raging river.  Sunday we ate breakfast at our new favorite spot Chaps and then had Todd, Sandra, and James and Breanne over for dinner.  Sandy also changed her first poopy diaper and it was a doozy.  I think she is fully initiated now.  

Monday, May 26, 2008

Newest Johansens

Let me introduce our newest family members... Katie and Maddox.  They are our 3 month old Australian Labradoodles, from BlueStar Labradoodles.   We have had them about 3 weeks.  We brought Katie home first and thought she would be too lonely without her brother, so home he came too.  They have been a welcome addition.  I know everyone thinks we are crazy, and honestly with a new baby on the way, we are crazy, but this time we were lead by heart and not mind.  And they have been very well behaved for puppies.  Shane and Myann are in love.  Shane insists that Katie is his puppy and Maddox is Myann's, not sure why, but he stresses the point daily.  Katie is definitely my shadow and Maddox tends to follow Brian more.  So the puppies have picked who they belong to.  Katie is the one with black nose and black eyes and Maddox has a pinkish nose and green eyes.  Both pups are quite striking in their own way.  Katie is more shy and Maddox doesn't know a stranger.  We'll keep you posted as they grow, but so far, they have been a wonderful addition to the family, than for no other reason then we spend LOTS more time outdoors these days.  I am not even thinking about what winter will be like taking the dogs out in the snow, but for now getting outside is enjoyable.   

Weekend in Seattle

May 16-19th we ventured to Seattle for a long weekend.  We had an amazing time and did more than I would have thought possible.  First off, the drive there wasn't too bad and we had picture perfect weather all weekend.  We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn off Lake Union in downtown, so we were close to everything and had a balcony overlooking the water.  The kids loved it and spent most of the time on the balcony.  Friday, we visited the Space Needle and amusement park there.  Saturday we woke up and went to Pike Street Market, then the Aquarium, and then the Harbor Cruise.  It was so clear that we could even see Mt. Ranier from the Harbor cruise, which is apparently very rare.  Then we crashed in our hotel room.  That was a full day with 2 kids.  Sunday we woke up went to the museum area and visited the Science Fiction museum, not quite our taste, and then the Science Museum.  The Science Museum was fantastic and should have been called a Children's museum because it was perfect for the kids.  We could have spent all day there.  Shane and Myann were attacked by butterflies, and they were quite shocked as you can see from the pictures.  After the museums, we just did more rides at the Space Needle park.  Monday morning we packed up to head home and made a quick stop by the market again to pick up fruit and flowers to go.  On the way back we stopped at the Snoqualmie Falls which were pretty impressive.  After the record snow this winter and then record heat the week before we were in Seattle, the water was just crashing over the falls.  So all in all, a pretty awesome weekend, and any time I can get Brian to actually take off work is bonus in itself.  He took 2 days, so I was thrilled.  

Starting our blog

So I am FINALLY doing it.  I have been wanting to start a blog about our family for a year now and kept thinking I would once I quit working.  Since that might be a bit longer, I thought better now than never.  So family and friends, this is how you can tell our ongoings.  I hope to get on weekly, maybe more.  I have not kept journals about the kids and regret that, so now this is my chance to start an online journal of sorts.  So check back often.  I will post pictures too. Wish me luck and hold me accountable to this.