Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Thor

Amazingly enough, there are many days I regret not giving in to Brian when he wanted to name Anders "Thor".  I wanted to avoid teasing and I wanted a name that started with an "A". My brother always called him Thor and addressed all his birthday cards to Thor.  So in some ways, he is Thor.  Today Brian explained to Anders that he wanted to name him Thor and Anders said that would be cool.  Brian texted me to tell me what he said and I texted back that we could always change his name.  Brian told Anders that mommy said we could change his name, so he said he would be Thor for a little while, but then he wanted to be called Hulk Smash!  He is on a big Hulk kick right now. In fact, pretty sure he will be Hulk for Halloween.  He wanted to be Thor, but I told him we did Thor 2 years ago.  He was the cutest Thor ever though, so I would gladly repeat that costume.

Other Anders news, it has taken him until almost the age of 4, but he is finally potty training and succeeding.  He was sabotaged last summer in potty training by the birth of Laila. He wanted to stay my baby and that translated into refusing to use the potty.  It has been a long road, very frustrating at times.  We decided to take a break while in Texas, though he did great pooping in the potty at my friend, Tricia's house.  I think her fully potty trained 3 year old made Anders feel the need to step up his game. However, within 3 days of being home, he started using the potty on his own and has been a rockstar ever since.  Huge, huge, huge!

Anders has been obsessed with when he "turns a new number". He is so excited to be 4.  I guess he feels like he has been 3 for long enough. We are also really focusing on getting him ready for preschool.  A few months ago Shane decided Anders was getting too old to say his "L's" like "W's".  He still said "I wuv you" and "Waiwa is my baby."  Shane started working with him.  When Anders slows down and really thinks about the words he can do his "L's".  I know he needs to better develop his speech, but a little part of me will be sad when he no longer says I wuv you and baby Waiwa.  

He is still our little entertainer. He loves having his picture taken and will ham it up for the camera.  He will commonly say to us or whoever is around, "You need snuggles?", or "I have not given you snuggles today."  He is still our gentle giant.