Saturday, September 26, 2009


Since I went to Dallas last weekend, Brian went to Vegas this weekend. Not exactly the same, but Brian refuses to concede that his trip was a bit more extravagant than mine.

We spent some time with our wonderful friends the Prizemans. Todd played his Big Love roll and had two wives and five kids. Thank you Todd and Sandra. Sunday we went to Greenbluff for some apple picking and play time.

Yum! Pumpkin donuts.

This should be a print ad for apples, makes you want to eat one doesn't it.

Myann has been dressing herself, accessories and all. This day was a good one.

This was a not so good day of dressing

"You can have my heart"

Oh, the things kids say. Tonight, I was putting Anders to bed while Shane and Myann were downstairs. Again, 5 minutes, seriously it is amazing what happens in five minutes. I came downstairs and Shane said, "Look mom what I did with my stickers." I looked to see 8 stickers stuck to all the drawers on one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I told Shane that I did not like him ruining my stuff and took him upstairs and asked him if he liked it if I broke one of his things. Of course he said no and got upset. It seems like I am cleaning up a lot of messes lately. So I went downstairs to start cleaning all the stickiness off the drawers. Myann then went upstairs. I heard her talking to Shane.

Myann: Shane, did you break moms stuff?
Shane: Leave me alone, Mom broke my heart in a million pieces. (Ouch that hurt, a little dramatic since I didn't even yell, but I guess he did not like me threatening to break his stuff.)
Myann: You can have my heart. (How sweet is that?)
Shane: I don't want your heart.
Myann: Ok, then I will just go give it to mommy.

I felt really bad at this point and had Shane come down to talk, then I felt even worse when he explained that he was trying to make our house beautiful with the stickers. Ah, I felt bad, but we did go on to have a long conversation about where stickers and crayon belong - paper, not my walls or furniture.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Myann pooped in the potty, even if not voluntarily

Today I found Myann in the bathroom, and as I entered, she said, "I pooped." I checked, and she had not pooped. So I yanked off her clothes and put her on the potty. She was not thrilled, but I told her I would hold her while she pooped - oh what a mother will do. And she did it, she pooped. Ok, so not exactly the first time. She claims to have done it at school, but no teacher could confirm. She also pooped a little for Tina. But this was the first witnessed poop - I was siked. Then Shane with his elephant memory, yells, "Yes, we are going to Chuck E Cheese." He then ran to get his tokens and tickets, leftover from April. He has been dreaming of this day, since we promised to go to Chuck E Cheese when Myann pooped on the potty. This was meant as a double motivator, for Myann and Shane, so he would encourage her too. However, of all the days...Friday evening, Brian is out of town, and there is a parade tonight in front of the CEC. So I told them we would have to wait and celebrate when Daddy got home. Shane was devastated, but seemed ok with the promise of a day next week. So we are having pizza for dinner next week. I also promised we could go to the mall and do drop and play.

At the mall, Shane repeatedly introduced us, all 4 of us to every lady in Bath and Body Works. How he introduces me, "This is my mommy, but you can call her Kari." He then went around the store shouting for Tina, who just started working there. Hopefully our visit doesn't get her fired.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WD-40 is my friend

Really, for you moms out there, how do you get anything else, besides the normal day to day done? Today, Anders is sick and still sleeping a lot and Myann and Shane were nicely playing with toys, so I decided to take a few minutes to clean the outside windows. They have needed it for a while and there is one that makes me crazy, so I went outside for 5, yes, just five minutes. When I came back in, Shane proudly announced that he and Myann had colored my walls. My response, "Your kidding right?" Shane, "No, we colored your walls and they are beautiful." I turned the corner to see a 3X7 ft stretch of wall completely colored in numerous crayon colors. They even climbed on the toy box to get the really high parts. This in five minutes. I didn't even know there were colors out. I keep art supplies well hidden for this reason, but they found some strays.

I was so angry, I marched them up to their room and began cleaning. I wish I had taken a picture, because it was some of their best work ever. My kids are no DaVinci's, their artwork is usually lots of scribbles. But this was good art, looked like Humpty Dumpty on a wall with trees and colored background. It really was impressive, and I had plenty of time to admire it while I scrubbed for an hour. I used my trusty Mr. Clean erasers. They usually work great, but this time it was taking off the paint along with the crayon. After I had done all I could do, there was still crayon in the walls grooves and faint outlines from all the other parts. I went to the internet and tried the suggestion of WD-40. I have heard it works wonders on all sorts of things, so I gave it a try. That stuff is magic, took the rest of the crayon right off the wall and did not harm the paint. I wish I had used it first, and I would not have so much paint rubbed off.

So, my few minutes of trying to clean windows resulted in an additional hour of cleaning the inside of the house. So again I ask, how do you get anything else done, because I am at a loss?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Napping the day away

On the flight back from Texas, Anders was a little warm, but I just thought it was the teething. Then last night he started running a high fever, 103.5, which is the highest temp of any of my kids. My kids just don't run high fevers and they don't last long, yes I know how fortunate we are. Anyway, did the Tylenol thing and then he slept great. Daddy was concerned this morning, so he woke him up at 8:15 am. He nursed, was up 2 hours and fell back to sleep for 9 hours. Yes, he slept all day. We checked on him a few times to make sure he was ok. Then tonight, my mommy paranoia kicked in, so I woke him up at 7:15pm. I nursed him, then gave him a bottle, fed him some baby food. He must be doing better, because he was determined to make up for sleeping all day. He played a bit and then went back to sleep. He was only awake 4 hours today. Must be his body healing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Britney and more

Yes, I am a fan of Britney Spears. But I am even a bigger fan of time away and time with my family and friends. This weekend was all about me getting a break, and I am so fortunate to get this time away. Anders and I flew into Dallas on Thursday and spent time with my mom and John and my brother and his crew. Friday, one of my closest friends, Tricia, flew in to hang out and go to Britney. We did a little shopping, ate sushi and danced our booties off at the concert. Awesome time! Even ran into Casey, friend/family.

Saturday, we had a mini party for Anders with more family. Thank you to all who came and for the wonderful presents. Then we did another shopping trip, Tricia, Danielle and I. More eating, yummy Latin food for dinner. What a wonderful afternoon/evening with two women who inspire me and just make me happy. Sunday, I had to say goodbye to Tricia, but then met my friend Laura for lunch. Time with Laura is always wonderful, really how is it that I am blessed with so many amazing friends. Then Sunday evening football - my brother is very animated about Cowboys football, so he was my entertainment.

You can see the idea brewing in Anders' head.

He decided to go for it with Grandpa Jo - yep, slapped him with cake.

Monday morning I flew home. Not meaning to make this an acceptance speech, but I have so many people to thank for making this weekend possible. I truly felt refreshed. Thank you to Tina for watching my two older kiddos; thank you to my hubby for understanding that I needed this time away and paying for it :); thank you to my mom for cooking, cleaning, watching Anders, and making sure I did not do anything but have an awesome time; thank you to Bob and Anne for driving up to see us and for playing with Anders; thank you to my stepdad for letting me wear mom out again and for helping too; thank you to my brother and Danielle for giving up their coveted time to just spend time with us; and thank you to Tricia for taking the time and spending the money to join me on a much needed mommy getaway.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Recent funnies

While I was out of town, Daddy discussed with the kids why I had left town. Daddy said mom needs to go spend time with her friends. Shane said that's not right, families should stay together. Ouch, that hurt.

On Sunday, Shane asked dad if he could watch Nebraska football and have a beer. Daddy corrected him, it's root beer Shane, not beer, somebody may get the wrong idea. It was because they watched Nebraska football the day before and Daddy treated Shane to a root beer.

Wednesday, before I left town...I was using the restroom with the door open, as I usually do, because whats the point of shutting it since my kids will open it anyway. Well, Shane and Myann both came to the door and asked, "Mommy would you like some privacy?" Shocked and thrilled I said, "Yes, thank you, that would be great." In that moment, Shane and Myann entered the bathroom and closed the door behind them. So three of us in a tiny hall bathroom, yep, that's privacy. Gotta love kids.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mutton Bustin'

We finally made it to the fair tonight. We thought it would be a good way to celebrate Anders' birthday, though the poor boy did nothing but ride in the stroller and people watch. In true form, he was a perfect angel and happily ate his King Corndog, mom's personal fair favorite, and just watched all the other kids ride the fair rides.

We met up with our friends the Frenches and enjoyed the tag team parenting, which is needed in a crowd. Also, their girls love Anders and just gave him lots of birthday love.

As a special bonus, we ran into my friend Amber and her family, who suggested the kids do Mutton Bustin'. I would have never thought to sign Shane up, but since her boys were doing it and the Frenches were interested, we thought we'd go for it. I honestly did not even know what it was, what a sad Texan I am. I thought it was like calf wrestling, but with sheep. No, the kids are put on sheep like bullriding and hold on for dear life. The goal is 6 seconds, I don't think any lasted 6 seconds. Most fell off right out of the gate. Props to them, because I probably would have fallen off still in the holding cell. Anyway, I had zero expectations for Shane since we didn't know what to tell him to even do. I thought he would fall off right away.

Watch for yourself

Yes, you saw it! My boy lasted about 4 seconds. We didn't get the official time, but that is what I counted. He then won 3rd place for his time. He was pretty proud of himself. Daddy insisted that his time would have been even better if the sheep hadn't headed for the wall. I guess all those piggybacks have paid off.

Thank you to Amber for the awesome video she took of Shane while I took still pictures.

Happy First Birthday Anders!!!

My BIG Beautiful Baby Boy is 1!!!!

Happy Birthday Anders! I love you more than you will ever know. The joy you have brought to me and your entire family is indescribable. Every person you meet immediately comments on your happy disposition. Happy you are almost every minute of the day. That said, your feistiness has made a grand entrance in the past month, you are becoming a toddler. You have learned to hit from Myann and use her own weapon on her whenever she bothers you. You have also discovered your voice and use it to be heard over your siblings. My dreams of a quiet car ride are a thing of the past.

You are a big boy, wearing 2T, though no one believes me, you are getting thinner as you become more mobile. You baby sign "more" and "all done" and say momma and dadda and Katie. Apparently you love the puppies more than anything else. In fact, if the laundry door is left open, I can guarantee you are dumping the dog food into the water bowl and playing with the kennels. You are sweet with the puppies, much sweeter than your siblings. And the puppies know it, they love on you all the time. Of course, I think they love on you because you feed them from your high chair, leave them special treats in the chair when you get out, and you gladly let them lick you clean after meals.

Though they pick on you sometimes and take things away from you, your brother and sister love you more than I thought possible. Myann tells everyone about her baby and calls you "Chunka Chunka Baby". I think that is the most endearing nickname I have ever heard. Shane enjoys you and I can't wait to see your relationship develop as brothers. Just the other day Shane and I just giggled as you rolled all over us on the bed. Shane called you "the funniest baby ever."

I can tell Daddy gets jealous that you are such a momma's boy, you just love your momma. Tonight I was on the receiving end of 5 minutes of kisses, ok, so half of the time you were trying to bite my nose off, but the other half you were giving me kisses. But I know that someday you may become daddy's boy. You watch him intently when he walks in a room and daddy is so blown away by your amazing throw, that I know sports will be a bond between you.

Anders, you have been a blessed addition to this family. We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

Link to Anders One Year photo shoot:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shane is beginning to read!!!

Shane is quite good with his letters and can sound out words with my help, but today he did it all by himself and quickly. He said he wanted to watch Olivia earlier in the day, but it was not on. So he spent 2 hours doing his "homework", which is just a Kindergarten workbook. Then he told me he wanted to watch tv, so I thought he earned it. I was switching through the guide on tv when Olivia popped up. I did not even notice until Shane shouted, "Look Mom Olivia is on now". Mind you, there was no picture, just the word Olivia. Shocked I said, "How did you know it says Olivia?" His response, "Ahh, Mom it has O - L - I, you know O-l-i (sounding it out) via. See Olivia." I about fell out of the chair. I would say it is just a sight word, but come on, Olivia is not your normal sight word. My boy is learning to read, I am so proud. The whole Olivia thing was weird since we have only ever watched the show once before. I am assuming they must read the book at school because I have only read the book to them once as well.

On a side note, I once read that children love to hear them being praised indirectly, like overhearing you brag about them to someone else. So I try to do this often with Brian or the grandparents. Tonight when Brian came home, I told him about Shane reading while Shane was sitting on a chair nearby. I saw Shane turn and overhear me and then smile very proud. It really is effective.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Friends

Shane and Myann are best friends. It may not last long, but it sure has been nice around here. Yesterday and today they played alone for hours, with only a few squabbles. While on vacation Shane told me that he loved playing with Myann a lot in Texas and on vacation, he only liked playing with her at home a little. Ahhh, it must have changed, because he still loves playing with her.

Also, in the car on the way home from the dentist yesterday Shane said Texas was his favorite place in the world. My first thought, "Are you serious...Texas?" Mind you, this child has been to some of the most beautiful places in North America and he says Texas is his favorite place. Then he explained, "Because that is where my cousins are and I love my cousins." Ahhh, how precious is that.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back from a wonderful vacation

Why were all the "issues" over a week ago so untimely... because we were leaving for 8 days in Canada. Nothing like having everything go wrong and getting sick days before leaving the country. But, I got on antibiotics, prepped the house, packed the whole family and we made it out of town as planned. It was a wonderful vacation to one of the most beautiful parts of the world - Vancouver Island and Vancouver. I will post things city by city.

Friday, September 4, 2009


We drove off the ferry, into Sidney Harbor, where my mom was too excited to finally use her passport. We drove into Victoria and arrived at our hotel - the Fairmont Empress. Gorgeous old hotel right on the water. It was the perfect location and our rooms were great.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

San Juan Island

We packed up the car and headed out for our 8 day vacation. Day 1 - drive to Seattle to pick up my mom and John. Then we drove to Anacortes to catch the ferry to the San Juan Island. This would be our first time of missing the ferry. I was warned that you needed to arrive at least an hour early, but we thought, oh, it's Thursday, we will be fine. Well we arrived 10 minutes before the departure time and was told the ferry sold out an hour ago. Makes since, so we went into town, grabbed dinner, and then made it back to the ferry landing 90 minutes before the next ferry left. Yes, plenty of time, so we parked and then walked the ferry area and let the kids run around. Shane was really sad to miss the day ferry and have to ride the night ferry, since he could not see the whales. The night ferry was actually pretty cool because it went fast and we had a gorgeous view on the water. We checked into our hotel and went to bed, it seemed like a really long day.

Waiting in line for the ferry

Our car parked in the ferry line, it was packed so full that no one else could believe

Anders enjoying being in the front seat

Papa and the kids on the deck of the ferry. It was super windy and I had to resist the urge to have a titanic moment at the front of the ship.

Woke the next morning to a gorgeous day. We had planned to bike the island, but by the time we got ready and repacked the car, we had limited bike time since we had to catch a 4 pm ferry - of which we could not miss. We drove around the island instead and stopped at the park best for viewing orcas. Gorgeous views and park, but no orcas. We did watch the fishing boats pull in huge nets and Shane was happy to keep looking. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, salmon sandwich of course, and then got in line for the ferry. We had a reservation, but we were worried from the day before, so we got there early. Actually we were first in line, but happy to be first on. On the ferry we were able to check out the gorgeous trip through the remaining islands and over to Victoria. Everyone but me saw a whale far off in the distance, I was entertaining Anders inside.

Vacation is exhausting - couldn't resist this gorgeous sleeping baby

Lime Kiln Point State Park

I loved these red trees - even more vibrant in person

Waiting for the ferry

Very windy ferry

The whale off in the distance