Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random kid things

My friend and fellow motion sickness buddy swears by the hospital style barf bags.  Since Myann is following in my foot steps, and regularly gets motion sickness, I have been thinking of how to better prepare ourselves.  She can not swallow ginger pills yet, so we use diphenhydramine when the roads are really bad, but I thought I would try out the recommended barf bags.  When they came in the mail the other day, you would have thought they were the toy of the year.  Myann was so excited, and proclaimed they were only hers and she was not sharing.  I am sure the boys are devastated to not get a barf bag. Love my nutty girl. I will have to get a picture of Myann with her bags.

Laila is our sweety chatty girl these days.  She is talking up a storm and so loving. No less than 10 times a day, I get a tiny girl leaning on me saying "I You".  Her way of saying I love you, since love is still a challenge for her.  All of us get it and the other kids beg for her hugs, kisses and "I you"'s.  She also seems to try out new sayings everyday.  Today it was "sure". She said "sure" to everything.  Not to be left out, any time I ask anyone if they want anything, Laila responds "ME!". I also love that right now when she says "mine", she actually says "mines".  We hear it frequently since everything she see is "mines".  

Shane was at a lego robotics class this week.  As is the norm, the morning of he did not want to go, but by the time I picked him up he was so excited to show me the robot car he had built and programmed.  It is amazing what that boys brain can do.  Now he can finally teach me how to build our own lego robot that I gave up on 5 minutes in.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anders' way of saying things

Brian and I debate whether Anders says things wrong on person to be funny or whether his brain just twists them around to things he knows.
Guess what he meant:
1) As we pass a vending machine , "Mom please can I have an alligator. I really want alligator."  There are no vending machines I am aware that sell alligators, Gatorade yes, alligators no. 
***side note, Laila loves Gatorade now too, thanks to a sibling slipping her some.  She knows her gatorade though and yells loud when she sees a bottle, "Please, please gatoraaaaddddeee!"
2) "Mom, when was I one of those teddy bear rings."  Me, oh honey, you mean ring bearer.
3) Danielle's Dad Bam Bam is called Bum Bum by Anders.
4) Lots of two worded names are inverted. Drawing a blank at the moment.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Laila's 2 year well check up stats

Weight 22 lbs (5%)
Height 31 1/2 inches (5%)
Head circ 18 3/4

Took the little princess to her well check up today.  She continues to be our little petite thing.  She is starting to talk more, but still not as much as we are used to.  At her 18 month appt, she did not appreciate me telling the doctor she was behind in speech and started talking more then.  She goes into rambling incoherent speeches sometimes, where she seems to know exactly what she is saying but we are at a complete loss. The doctor said her vocabulary is where it should be, but we could have her evaluated. Physically, Laila is coordinated and loves to jump. She can throw, kick and jump right along with her siblings. 

Update 9/20/13
I took Laila for a speech evaluation today.  I should have cancelled the appointment because it was made over a month ago when she was not talking very much.  In the last month she has moved on to 5 word sentences. Laila was difficult at first, but once the therapist brought as candy as a motivation tool, Laila was happy to oblige. Basically, Laila is now above average for speech and the appointment was not necessary, except for my peace of mind.