Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giganta Baby Grows

Today was Anders' 6 month appt, though he was actually 6 months and 2 weeks.
Anders sits great, though he only rolls when he is really angry, and that has only been 3 times, from belly to back. From back to belly, he can get to his side, but no further. He is a super happy baby, and pure joy!!!
Weight 22 lbs 2.5 oz (100%+)
Height 27 1/2 inches (75%)
Head 18 1/2 inches (100%)

So Anders is just an all around big boy. Since he is still only breastfed, with one bowl of cereal per day, the doctor said I could not do much to alter his eating, only his exercise. So we will be trying to get him more exercise, wish us luck.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Time out

How mean am I. Tonight Shane and Myann were put in timeout by Brian, I have no clue why, but they were so cute, I had to take pictures. Shane pouted and Myann works it.

Then when she realized she wasn't coming out for a few minutes, the tears came on.

Putting the tears away

An evening in our house

So this was pre-bedtime tonight.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's......

Super Shane

Myann wants to jump so bad, this was her attempt

Shane jumping from the couch to Brian. Sadly, we allow this at home.

Myann and Shane showing us their muscles

Fun with Friends

Today we met up with some friends and went to Bumpers. I had no idea this place was so great. There was so much to do. As the elevator doors opened, Shane's eyes grew huge and said, "I didn't know we were going to Chuck E Cheese". He was not disappointed at all that it wasn't CEC, but video games, bounce house, and more - his dream come true. We all played mini golf, well "play" is used loosely. Teagun is the only one who really followed through. Jameson thought we were too slow and moved on ahead of us and Shane did his own thing. Myann and Emery thought running the course was much better than putting. Anders and Hayden just went along for the ride.

Then it was on to video games, bounce house and lunch.

Myann thought it was too funny to run off, spill her milk, not eat, and just be a stinker. Meanwhile, the other kids nicely sat and ate their lunch. Shane included. BTW, Shane is on an eating spree. He eats everything. We are having almost no problems getting him to eat. Then today I took one look and I get it, I think he has grown an inch or two in the past few weeks. He looked so tall - time to measure

Apparently all the excitement wore Anders out

Shane's prayer for Uncle Alex

Every night we do our prayers, and since we found out Alex was sick, we have been praying for Alex. The prayer started as, "And please make Uncle Alex better, he is very very sick." Then we explained that he needed a new heart because his was not good anymore. So Saturday night he prayed, "And please give Uncle Alex a new heart...but don't take one from anybody else. " Ahh, what compassion. Then tonight he prayed, "Please give Uncle Alex a new heart, you can take one from the coyotes." Ahh, if only it were that easy. To explain the coyote part, we have been seeing lots of coyotes on our property, even during the day. So the kids have been put on high alert to watch out for them and to never be outside unless an adult or both dogs are out with them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anders ongoings

Anders LOVES his exersaucer, he gets this thing moving like my other two never did. I even went to buy him a jumperoo, thinking he would love something made for bouncing. Then I saw it only goes up to 25 lbs, I fear Anders will be there within a month.

Anders is also sitting up quite well and reaching for things. He has fallen forward and bonked his head a few times, because he dives for toys and rams his head into them. Luckily, he is a tough guy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


How can I ever quit having babies when they look like this? We were running late today because of this sleeping angel. I didn't want to wake him, but it was time to take Shane to preschool.

This was taken the night before, I have a hard time putting down a sleeping baby.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Potty time again

Myann pooped in the potty. We have been following her lead on potty training and in some ways resisting a bit. Myann always asks to go on the potty, at home, in public, you name it. But every time I take her, nothing happens, just a lot of work for me. So I have quit giving in to her request in less we are at home. Well for 2 days she has having "issues" and complaining and crying trying to go. At bath time, she said she had to poop again so Brian put her on the potty. After a few minutes, she started crying and pooped. Of course, Brian gets all the credit again. The only time she has ever pee'd on the potty, Brian put her on and now he put her on for pooping. I won't hear the end of this one I'm sure. Anyway, back to Myann, she kept crying until I brought her the M&M fire truck, which was Shane's pooping bribery tool. Once she dispensed a few M&Ms, the crying stopped and we hope she has caught on that this pooping in the potty may be a good thing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Session

My wonderful photographer and friend, Jaidean, took some pictures of all of us when Alex and his family were in town. Here is a link to the sneak peak, I will post the link to all the pictures once they are ready.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blessed time with family

So I really should be sleeping right now, but I wanted to post about what an amazing 5 days we have had. Pictures and more details will come later, but we just had 5 glorious days with my brother and his family. Because of his situation, it really makes you savor each and every moment. Alex is wonderful about expressing his feelings and showing affection. But what I love most right now is watching him live and enjoy every moment. Danielle said it best when she said yesterday that she enjoyed watching Alex snowboard, what a thrill it was to see him having fun. That is exactly how I feel, I love seeing him having a good time both doing a sport he loves and spending time with the people he loves. It was a 5 day high for me. I was so overjoyed when Danielle said that she hardly thought about Alex having cancer this trip. Granted, we stayed so busy that she didn't have the opportunity to think, but they got to get away from their reality and just have fun.

We got a sense of humor, but quite sad when we are so accustomed to Alex having cancer that we joke about it. The other night Alex was trying to pay for something and I refused to give in, so I said "No, you have cancer." Then every time Alex wanted to get out of something, he said he had cancer. And Danielle was complaining about an ailment while skiing and Alex was totally ignoring her. When I called him out on it, he said, :Give me a break, I have a heart tumor and you are complaining about your knee hurting." We are a sick bunch I tell ya.

They leave tomorrow. I am sad to see them go, though I think Shane will be the most devastated by their departure. Plus, I will see them again in 2 weeks and then again about 6 weeks after that. Saying goodbye is always easier when you know you will be seeing them again very soon.

Random pics
Lexi with Anders their first morning

Lexi changing her first diaper - Great job!

Dinner out at Luna

Highlights of the week


Skiing - 1st day

Skiing - 2nd day

Before the blizzard blast

Mid blizzard (This was how the entire ski day was. We skied through 2 feet of snow and massive wind gusts)

Family pictures
See link in following post


Wii olympics

Anders 6 months

We started Anders on food (rice cereal) yesterday and he took it ok.

Anders had an audience

Tonight Alex fed him more and he really seemed to like it.