Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Shane funnies said to his dad

After arguing and complaining he did not want to go to his last cross-country meet.  We explained to him the importance of finishing a commitment and eventually he agreed to go.  When walking in the door his Dad told him he was very proud of him for finishing his commitment.  Shane's immediate response, "It wasn't my commitment it was mom's, I didn't want to do cross-country in the first place and mom made me.  I would have quit if you would have let me."  Fair enough, valid point.

Driving to practice the week following a practice in which Shane refused to participate because he forgot his ball.  Shane was talking up how good their team is and how they will never lose.  Dad explains to Shane that winning is great, but the most important thing is always trying your best.  Shane, "I thought the most important thing is your relationship with God."  Yet again, technically correct.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Laila's Baptism

Laila was baptized today at our church, Redeemer Lutheran. Pastor Matt did the baptism in the small chapel of our church.  She was quite interested in what was going on and awake for the whole thing. Aunt Danielle will be her Godmother, and as Shane puts it, "Laila has a real Godfather, now that Uncle Alex is in heaven." Uncle Alex will be her Godfather from heaven.

Pastor Matt gave Brian a candle to light every year on the anniversary of her baptism.  We have not had this with the others, but I think we may do this with all the kids now.  What a great yearly reminder of their relationship with Christ.

Shane blowing out the candle.

Our friends and family at the baptism.  Thankfully Uncle Shane and Aunt Sunny could be here, as well as our Spokane family, the Prizemans and Kipps.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Still here

We are still here, I promise. Since I know family wants to see recent pictures, I promise they are coming.  Frankly, I have a to do list that grows daily and I am triaging the things that HAVE to be done and postponing the things I would like to get done, like blogging. Now, I should be sleeping, but since I am not super tired, a good minute to catch up.

The kids did this with our sitter Sierra and I love it. I think I will make stickers out of it. 

Birth announcements are coming.  I should actually be addressing those instead of blogging. Today was one of those days were I thought I would get so much done and in the end accomplished nothing, well nothing in addition to the normal Sunday of church, cooking dinner, laundry, and normal clean up.  I have got to figure out how to do things in 5 minute spurts, because the days of having an entire hour to accomplish an entire task have disappeared. 

However, hoping to catch up on blogging because so much has happened lately.