Thursday, April 4, 2013

My brilliant 7 year old

Each of the kids, minus Myann this year, have been taking alone trips with Brian to Texas.  Shane was in Texas for 9 days.  I had no idea how much I would miss my boy. He is my first born, my brilliant kid, and my huge helper.  I forget how much he helps until he is not around.  I can not believe in a few days he will be 8.

I hope to come back and blog more, but for now I have to record his funny isms  for the night.  Brian was traveling with a co-worker on the way home tonight, and Shane was inadvertently the entertainment. Going through security Shane put his backpack on the belt to go through security and Shane told TSA, "Don't worry I do not have any weapons in here. But I do have a marshmallow gun in my suitcase.  But don't worry, marshmallows are not dangerous unless they are on fire."  Then they took an inter airport train and escalator to get to their next flight.  Shane said, "I wonder why the escalator is so slow, but the train is so fast.  Hmmm... I wonder if they are not giving it enough electricity.  I don't know, I am just going to do the math later."  Never mind, Brian's coworker is a PhD mathematician and cracking up at the musings of our 7 year old. 

While in the airline club Shane said, "Dad I was wondering how much you pay mom to babysit your kids?"  Brian's obnoxious response, "Bud, you can not even count that high."  Shane's response, "Well you need to pay mom more.  I think she deserves $53 per day."  Brian laughed and said, "If you can get mom to agree to the pay cut of $53 per day, then I will split the difference with you." Gotta love my husband and son discussing my worth.  

Funny story aside, Shane blows my mind with his intelligence.  My mom even confirmed the other day he is smarter than I was at his age.  Not sure whether I am insulted, or a little proud. I definitely think he is smarter than me.