Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shane making us proud

On the way home from soccer today Shane said, "I'm sure glad we won today.  Steven from class was on the other team and before the game he said his team is really good and they will beat us and he can't wait to brag to the class they beat Shane's team."  Then he said after the game I told Steven, "Good game and don't worry I won't brag to the class."  Well done kid.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Funny things a 2 year old says

Laila has so many things she says right now that are funny to us, partly because she is so confident in what she is saying.
Every time she says goodbye, "See you later Crocodile."  Most people pause and go huh.  I have to tell them she is messing up the saying and I correct her that it is see you later alligator.  But secretly, I do not want her to say it right, I love it wrong.

Laila and Anders are obsessed with hand sanitizer and Laila calls it "Hanitizer."  She runs around asking for her hanitizer.  Love it.  Brian said her word makes more sense anyways.

Laila's sweetness shines through too with her affectionate term for us in the family, as "my girl and my boy."  She will give me a hug and say, "Mommy, you're my girl" or "Anders is my boy".  I guess she learned it from me snuggling her telling her that she is "mommy's girl." But I love that she made it her own.  Now the other kids jump through hoops to get her to call them "her boy" or "her girl".  And always asking, "Laila, am I your boy."  However, the queen giveth and taketh.  If you cross her, she will quickly say, "You are not my boy."

On other news, she has been potty training.  We have warned the other kids the she will likely be our youngest potty trained kid.  They are all helping with the process.  She started pooping on the potty about 2 weeks ago and has been peeing on the potty since the end of December.  She wears undies only to school and has been doing that since the beginning of March.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where laila ranks in this house...

Conversation at dinner tonight. 
Myann was explaining that she saw a dog on the ski hill today.  Shane said she was lying and no way there was a dog there.  I confirmed that there was an assist dog running along a snowboarding vet. It was pretty cool to watch.  Shane then got mad that Myann was right and gloating.  This continued on, so Brian said "those in glass houses should not throw stones."  Shane said that was stupid and did not make sense.  Brian informed him it was from the Bible.  Shane was silent and said "fine, so what does it mean."  Brian said that we all have our sins and should not be criticizing others and there has only ever been one perfect person.  Anders responded, "yea Shane duh....Laila."

I am still laughing over that one.  Clearly Laila is ranked high in our house.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laila's Talking

My mom once said I was not an early talker, but once I started talking, I talked in sentences. That seems to be Laila's path.  It is hard to believe that we ever worried about her lack of speech.  When Grandpa Jo and Grandma Anne arrived after Christmas, they said she talked nonstop for hours.  That is the norm around here.  Some days I long for those speechless days again, because the girl does not stop talking. She has to comment on everything around her.  That said, she is such a joy and opens my eyes to so much around me that I do not notice.  Car rides are filled with, "look a horse - neighhh", "oh a puppy", "sun go away, you are so annoying", "mommy I have lots of friends".  She continues to be our little lover and she has mastered "I Love you" and "I need snuggles".  She says it no less than every hour.  Yesterday she was not feeling well and running a low fever.  So she walked around announcing to her siblings, "I'm sick, do not touch me."  That is a common request around here when someone is sick, as illness can spread quickly in a house of 6 people.

Perhaps my favorite part of her speech is her high pitched inflection on syllables. She partly does it because she knows it is cute, but she also does it out of excitement.  Like, "Can I watch Caiiil-ou?" or "Myyyy money, or myyyy candy canes."  We all try to imitate her, but none of our voices can match the high pitch of hers. 

And her love for mom and dad is possibly outmatched by her love for Anders.  Each sibling has been her favorite at different times, but clearly Anders is the frontrunner tight now. At Kindermusik yesterday, it was rocking time.  She declared she was going to snuggle Anders, who was sitting to the side playing on his ipod. She curls her body up next to his and says, "I love you Anders".  My mommy heart swelled 10 times. Even Anders couldn't resist, as he set his ipod down to wrap his arm around her and enjoy the snuggles. Mind you, 1 hour later they were screaming at each other and fighting, but I will gladly take 5 minutes of sibling love per day.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Shane and Myann well checks

Shane stats
Weight 65 lbs (50%)
Height 52 1/4 inches (50%)
BMI 16.75
Shane had his vision screening and I am thinking he is finally going to end up like his mom and dad needing glasses. He is still good now, but drifting to 20/25 or 20/30

Myann stats
Weight 50 lbs (50%)
Height 48 inches (50%)
BMI 15.25 50%
Myann's vision is still perfect, so maybe she can hold off on glasses a few more years.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Anders well check

Anders' "5 Year" well check
Weight 50 lbs (90%)
Height 45 inches (75%)
BMI 17.5

My awesome boy is a trip.  Still as loveable as ever.  His school picture was taken in his cowboy outfit with hat.  Shane is his absolute hero.  We are still working on letters, but he is at least trying to learn them.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Football time with Dad

This is a quick post from Dad I do not want to forget.  Anders decided he was going to watch the Husker football game with dad today.  Right after kickoff he yelled "Shoot I forgot my helmet!!"  He ran upstairs and grabbed it, right back down and he watched the entire game.  The Huskers lost and we went upstairs so I could fix him some lunch.  After a few minutes he came up to me and said, "Hey Dad high five."  After giving me a high five he said, "Its ok dad, I still had a great time with you today."  I'm still pe'od the Huskers can't stop the jet sweep and seem completely lost on the field, but my he lifted some of the black cloud by keeping it in perspective.