Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where laila ranks in this house...

Conversation at dinner tonight. 
Myann was explaining that she saw a dog on the ski hill today.  Shane said she was lying and no way there was a dog there.  I confirmed that there was an assist dog running along a snowboarding vet. It was pretty cool to watch.  Shane then got mad that Myann was right and gloating.  This continued on, so Brian said "those in glass houses should not throw stones."  Shane said that was stupid and did not make sense.  Brian informed him it was from the Bible.  Shane was silent and said "fine, so what does it mean."  Brian said that we all have our sins and should not be criticizing others and there has only ever been one perfect person.  Anders responded, "yea Shane duh....Laila."

I am still laughing over that one.  Clearly Laila is ranked high in our house.

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Mary said...

I love, love, love these children!!!!